Prepare for a blend of musical performance with spoken word interludes that have a theatrical twist.

Ikenna Anyabuike aka I.A is an actor, writer and musician. At 17, Ikenna created his first musical project RUSTY in a studio in Gort. The result was an experimental outlier in the underground Irish hip-hop scene with influences ranging from Boom Bap and Malcom X to Sylvia Plath. “For the past eight years, I have been steadily honing my craft. I like to blend a lot of things. I enjoy when things become fractured.” After competing as runner up in the All Connacht Grand Slam Champions, Ikenna recently travelled to England to perform in the UniSlam quarter finals.

Locations, performance times and how to book your ticket will be announced next week. All events will be intimate, safe and adhere to all current government and HSE guidelines – spaces will be limited so make sure to follow us here for updates.

Happy Friday

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