6 Dominick St Upper, Galway, H91 A2TT

Niall Cullen and Sinead mcKillican

Niall Cullen

Pour Me
60cm x 50cm
Acrylic, silkscreen print, spray paint and alcohol based pigment on wood panel
Keep Pouring
60cm x 50cm
Acrylic, silkscreen print, spray paint and alcohol based pigment on wood panel

Niall Kurb Junki Cullen (b.1989) is a contemporary visual artist with a first class honours degree in sculpture from the National College of Art and Design.

He began an experimental project titled Kurb Junki in 2015, which explored the motif of a burger through a series of unauthorised public installations and videos that were shot in public space. This project organically developed while laying a foundation and identity for
Cullen’s career as a contemporary visual artist.

Cullen continues to use the image of a burger as a form of artistic identity; it is a universal symbol that supersedes conventional language, embodies mass consumption and is understood worldwide. With that in mind Cullen has adopted and appropriated this
symbol. His interpretation of the burger is becoming progressively more abstract as his practice develops through painting, print, video, murals, installations and performance. His work investigates themes around identity, public space, mark making, reappropriation of data and imagery while he also explores a collaborative practice with other artists and the public.

This year Cullen hosted a lecture in NCAD about his practice alongside the relationships and overlapping which occur between skateboarding, graffiti, the commercial world and the contemporary art world. He is a recipient of the Arts Council Agility Award 202 and is one of three artists to receive a commission from Dublin City Council and Culture Night for the Dublin Holds My Mind open call. His recent solo exhibition ‘Meditative Monitor’ received a critique in the Visual Artists’ News Sheet. He currently works from a studio space in Dublin and also fulfills the role of Creative Director of Goblin Magazine which is available in the National Library of Ireland and the Gallery of Photography Ireland.

Sinead McKillican

Sinead McKillican’s work evolves organically through the physical process of reshaping,
restructuring and / or layering both found and new materials; activities driven by Sinead’s
fascination with art, design, and architecture. Exploration, experimentation, and
investigations give rise to a lively process of gathering, layering, culling, and distilling
materials. Significantly, Sinead’s physical engagement with materials generally leads to the
emancipation of simple geometric shapes, transitioning formal 2D shapes into 3-dimensional minimal abstract forms.

Transformation methods include the utilisation of folds, pleats and curves; techniques that permit the fashioning of relief works that blur the boundary between paint and sculpture. Sinead’s vision is focused on creating thought-provoking elegant aesthetics that manifest through the fusion of simple forms, neutral colours and a limited materials palette, elements key to tantalising the viewers tactile and visual senses. Visuals created are free from any literal expression; intended only to serve to induce the viewers curiosity and / or natural desire for contemplation. Outcomes reflect Sinead’s interest in spatial awareness, placement, repositioning, and facility to re-orientate the work. In essence, Sinead’s work is a personal expression, a synthesis of intuition, life experiences and critical analysis; a journey intended to fashion lively objects that stimulate optimism.